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Tap 2: Imported Water

 Tap 2:Imported Water

  Singapore has been importing water from Johor, Malaysia, under two bilateral agreements. The first agreement expired in August 2011 and second agreement will expire in 2061. Malaysia support half of Singapore's water supply.

On the way to Singapore, I saw big three pipes lining along with the bridge connecting Malaysia and Singapore. Two of them are used to import water from Malaysia to Singapore, and the remaining one to export some of the purified water to Malaysia for resale.

  Singapore is a small country relying almost entirely on import for resources.  It would be nice to visit Singapore again  in a few years.The Singapore government has stated that it will not renew the 1961 agreement which expires in 2011. To reduce Singapore's dependence on imported water, the government has taken steps to increase the size of the local water catchment area and to build up the supply from non-conventional sources, namely NEWater (reclaimed water) and desalinated water. With the various water projects progressing well, government officials have assured Singaporeans that the country can be self-reliant in water by 2061.

  I think that Imported water is deemed more convenient since Malaysia is located close to Singapore.However, it is not sustainable int he long run as international agreements can expire like the agreement between Singapore and Malaysia in August 2011.It is not possible for Singapore to keep relying on imported water since there is always an underlting theat when our neighboring countries decide to cut off their water supply.Malaysia could also increase the price of their water to earn more.

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