Thursday, 21 March 2013


On 8 March 2013,
               Introduction of the proposal
    I am really excited to go to Singapore to find out about what the Singapore goverment has done to increase Singapore's water supply. My group and I are a team of researches from a rich European country  with a serve water shortage. So, we will be coming up with a proposal to introduce the different ways that Singapore has introduced to dealt  with their problem of water scarcity. I have actually done research about ways Singapore increases their water supply. I found that they have 4 national taps.I am going to learn more about these taps when I arrive in Singapore.
The Four taps are:
  • Water Catchment area(20% of water supply)
  • Imported Water from neighbouring countries( 40% of water supply )
  • Reclaimed Water/ NEWater (30% of water supply)
  • Desalinated Water (10% of water supply)
Found that image on,d.bmk&psig=AFQjCNHDBfrqeuU4dcfYXQDQdG7p0Vy_sg&ust=1364018375961176

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