Saturday, 23 March 2013

Best way to increase water supply

Out of the five different ways I researched about increasing the supply of water in Singapore, Local catchment areas, Imported Water, NEWater, Desalinated Water and Conserving Water , I think that the best and most effective tap is the third tap, which is NEWater.

Even though NEWater is the most expensive tap out of all the 4 taps, it is also the most reliable and effective tap. NEWater is sustainable in the long run and we are able to depend on ourselves and we can save more water. It is better to have a reliable and expensive source of water than an unreliable but cheap source of water. Singapore and our country both experience water shortage, if the source of water unreliable, it will have negative impacts on  our country such as dehydration and insufficient water for industries and crops.Therefore, our country needs a reliable and effective source of water( NEWater) that would allow us to be self sufficient even in the long run.

In addition , my country could also use the method to conserve water. Like I say previously in the blog ,there are no such things as disadvantages in conservation of water because it is an act to make things better. .

Therefore, I suggest that in our country, we should do the same thing that Singapore is doing. We should purify used water and make our own brand of water which is similar to Singapore's NEWater and do a campaign which shows people how to conserve water. This will solve the problem of water scarcity in our country. I

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